JSON-stat Toolkit

A set of tools for the JSON-stat format

What is JSON-stat?

The JSON-stat format is a simple lightweight JSON standard for data dissemination. It is based in a cube model that arises from the evidence that the most common form of data dissemination is the tabular form. In this cube model, datasets are organized in dimensions. Dimensions are organized in categories.

The JSON-stat format is documented at JSON-stat.org.

What is the JSON-stat Toolkit?

The JSON-stat Toolkit is a set of tools for the JSON-stat format:

JSON-stat Javascript Toolkit (JJT) is a library to deal with JSON-stat in JavaScript.

JSON-stat Javascript Utilities Suite (JJUS) is a library of high level functions built on top of JJT.

JSON-stat Command Line Conversion Tools allows transforming and converting JSON-stat to/from different formats from the command line.

JSON-stat for Eurostat is a JavaScript library to deal with Eurostat’s JSON-stat API.

JSON-stat Explorer is a web tool to view the contents of JSON-stat documents.

JSON-stat Subsetter is a web tool to view, filter and export the contents of JSON-stat documents.

JSON-stat Eurostat is a Swiss Army Knife for Eurostat’s data: retrieve, filter, download and convert data from the European statistical office or build the customized API query, all from a single place.