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    Swiss Army Knife

    Eurostat’s Swiss Army Knife

    A single solution for all your Eurostat data needs

    Are you a data consumer that needs to browse data from Eurostat?

    A data scientist that needs to download datasets to process them and analyze them?

    A developer that needs to build a query to request data from Eurostat’s API?

    1. Choose a language: you will not be able to change it later. This selection will affect the language of the dataset contents, not the language of this page.
    2. Select a dataset from an updated list of around 5,000 Eurostat datasets.
    3. Filter the data: choose time, geographical areas, metrics and classification categories.
    4. View or download data as CSV or JSON, or copy the API query to integrate Eurostat’s statistics in your app.

    Unique datasets: ...

    Eurostat dataset list, created, curated, maintained and formatted by Fabio Castelletti and kindly stored by the Camera di Commercio delle Marche. Application developed by Xavier Badosa. Swiss Army Knife image by MaxineVSG from the Noun Project.

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